Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Originality is the last thing from original?

Ah, The same is bland?
Happy music to block you out. :D
This attempt will work, compliments to Eli for his i-pod suggestion and i-pod. :D
All the smiles in the world,
All the flowers that grew wild,
All the old women with their committed old men on Sunday mornings.
I love to be dazed; He compared me to the moon, elegant, mysterious. He said I was like a child, just want to be myself.
He says my fantasy world is wrong, but I love weeds.
I like to believe that it is the life I will live one day, I am aware I’m not proactive.
You still like me, opposites attract?
But I like daisies and the way I imagine fresh air smells.
I like to fly with my wings.
I like to soar through hail.
I like to roll in the mud.
I like to scream and act up when I’m alone.
I like to be a hypocrite of my own mind.
I like to be in control and be controlled.
I like to be stubborn and I like to be convinced.
I sail on a pony too the moon and I don’t care if you don’t think I make since.
I want to live in a box but I’m claustrophobic.
I want to make sense but I’m too ironic.

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