Monday, February 25, 2008

Night, remember the day.

Did you see that?
Summer just passed me.
I felt it.
The excitement stung my chest and shocked my hart.

Inhaled crisp fall air.
It circled me, tickling my back,
straightening my posture,
smile. If only for a moment before a puzzled confused look
sends you to winter.

You dare yourself to jump in the snow,
Your so close and
BOOM. It's gone, you didn't even get to feel it, though as
you enter spring your nose still feels nipped by the cold.

Laughter, and surrounding joy.
You have to smile. Have to.
The bird chirps and you know.

Tuff times pass,
and you have no idea that you still have the night to make it up.

Don't read ahead.

To the person who did not paint my colors,
To the person who did the worst damage to my confidence,
To the person who laughed when I was hurt,
To the person who changed their unfair mind in my soul,
To the person that took my wings away and held me down,
To the person that showed me I over analyzed everything,
To the person that told me what I didn't want to hear,
To the person that figured me out and doesn't even really know it.

To the person who brought out the colors I already had,
To the person who told me the cold, hard truth to help me out,
To the person who taught me to laugh when it stings,
To the person who showed me everything happens for a reason, worst can turn to best,
To the person that made me take the right path, even if it took force,
To the person that showed me how to use my annoying values to my advantage,
To the person that told me things that REALLY changed everything for me,
To the person that taught me, this is who you where meant to be, without a word.

Your my best friend.
I love you buddy.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Together in the end?

You'll teach me and for once,
I'll be okay with that. I'll surrender to that.

I'll forget all the other worlds I was in as you tell me something off subject.
You'll flash that smile and I might laugh.
You'll make brownies that look goofy.

I'll probably push you down a hill.
You'll be freezing,
I'll be quite for a minute as I realize the way snow crunches from under me.
I'll feel heavy, lay down, and roll down the hill.
The wind will chap my face and I'll think of a random Disney character to speak about.

Come up with a mouth full of snow and a pout.
You'll laugh at me and I'll throw a snow ball at you.
I'll play "can't touch me" for weeks, days and hours.

You'll smile.

I'll get the hot chocolate going, and you'll push the chairs by the fire.
Once again I will giggle, but this time halt and look at you.

The fire will crackle and with time I will fall even farther and farther into a trance set by the nature we surround ourselves with.
I'll steal your burdens and feed them to the moon.
Our purity will fill the room.
And our innocence will smile. I think I will too.

because I know more than one way.

One day holding hands in the beginning.

I desire that guarantee feeling I wish I could give to you. I could say-so. I’d verbalize it, “here I am, take it or leave it, the way I do.”

No joke. I won't rupture the way some do and I won't cause discomfort often. I'm fixable with a flower or two and some cool air. It won't take long to get me to smile and I don't need all the rage these worldly days.

On occasions I grow to be more precious though you didn't know I was capable and I will hold my mug and sway back and forth by the fire while you sing the confession of falling to me and I will watch you fingers strum against the strings to you guitar, you’ll teach me, and laugh at me when you start to see I really am musically challenged. I will laugh. I will journal on the floor and cuddle only with my blanket.

Get me?

Out of context.

One headphone. no. NOT headphones.
Head.Phone. one headphone.

I hate how that is all that your good at anymore.
I saw so much more in you than that.
I guess I shouldn't have expected.
Expecting is bad for us all.

Not just some of us. But the PURITY, the excitement of it all.
But then I'm overly frustrated and it all makes perfect since,
I can't leave but I want to leave.

It's not an option but it NEEDS to be...
before I know it though..there I am ..forgiving you.

Eventually, I'll never be done.
Eventually, was a week ago.
You think that I am using my words out of context,
but I mean just what I said.

Hey, maybe I'm out of context today.
You don't get it do you?