Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Would the speech just end, I don’t even glance at you.
Do you fail to recall how irritated I am by you?
Do you not realize? I know you’re capable of comprehending.
You are a hypocrite, pretending not to know an adequate amount, shoving people around like you are the one in possession of the sky, yet rolling your eyes and overly sighing when people annoy you or distract you in the slightest bit, laying judgment on others.

You are not even conscious of the sky. When was the last time you stopped, shut up, comforted your soul, and gazed at the clouds or the stars or the blue sky? Ever prayed for the moon?
No, because you are too busy pushing your way through life with a stupid excuse because your thoughts are scrambled. I know you could work through that. I’ve never really had the urge to snarl at a person until I met you, but you will always be too oblivious to see you are the only person that can make me so unmerciful.

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