Friday, December 14, 2007

get passed it all.

My tired eyes go back and forth between dark and light.
My changing temperature is keeping me confused and dizzy.
and yet...

I just don't care.

I eat a banana, drink some water and move on with my day.

So why don't we...
Get over it. Chomp on some prayer, be refreshed and relieved and go on with life.

Us silly humans we are. Silly I tell you.

cold beauty

My tired eyes go back a forth between dark and light. 
My changing temperature is keeping me confused and dizzy.
The cold nips at my nose and the dark creeps.                                                                                         The trees that usually comfort me and shelter me as I cry, hang and haunt me as I back away.

What is wrong with me? I mean..yes I'm ill, but am I sick? That sick?
Something moves and jolt. The moon is covered by the clouds that I usually call beautiful...because..
I forgot. I didn't remember. I didn't acknowledge and I didn't think.                                                              I'm sorry..Please let me see you and let me free once again. 

Friday, December 07, 2007

Bare foot and running through the woods.

I promise you I will never be the girl who was to practical. I promise.

I'm never alone. Ever.

But I like to sit with God.

My temple is being ruined.

I ate a hot pocket today. Groosssssssssss!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I hung my head. I went to the library. I started cleaning. I cleaned till you couldn't see me anymore. I became invisible. I hung my head once more.
I just stood there. Stood there in the library and cried. You, of course, will never know this..
I picked it up. That invisible thing. The one thing I choose to be so vague about.I listened to you. To you gripe and scream and grind your teeth.
I bit down to close the words screaming from my chest. I looked at you. I realized. We clash.
Ha. Isn't it funny. How I clash like that with almost everyone that I love? You have no idear do you.
Did you see that glance? Or were you being to oblivious to notice the things under your eyes and level with your nose?
So I'll sit in the middle of the street. and smile.
Forget.Breathe.Hold.Let go.
Letting go.