Monday, September 24, 2007

Different hopes and purpleie dreams I cannogt fathom what mister seems. I don't like big fat ones but not tiney eather I'm not talking about you I'm talking about a teeter. A teetter is a special pet, one you never take the the vet. I like my little teeter I'ma gonna name it peeter. bye bye..I gotta fly.

Bringing sexy back.. 9-24-07 10:42

On my birthday I party like its ninety and a half. And I do the funky chicken as i bow my face and laugh, I like purple strips and blue eyed phony signs I like 100 nasty chickens and a foamy bubble bath. I like to scream purple really loud and laugh at people on my cloud, I like funky wood and tee's, sometimes I sting bumble bee's and die and I honestly don't really know why, I like to publish stupid letters and wear ugly sweaters

Old post..My favorite.