Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lost in the time, of time, in the lock of the world, in which, I lost time.

You don't understand because your not suppost to. Becasue I don't want you to I suppose. Because it's crazy personal. CRAZY. but I need to get it out, is it out?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The wind kisses me in a way that is peaceful, not seductive

I feel the passion I'm crazy thankful for.

I adore it.

I feel the wind in my hair and the soft grass under my feet. The strong air enters my lungs and I can't help but finding the place that I want to be in life.

It's my real pleasure.

It's great. It's not better, it's best.

It's to good for words, and great for breathing.

Lovely for sprinting. I'm IN love with it, I'm passionate about it, and you can't take it away.


The wind kisses me in a way that is peaceful, not seductive, all I can do is love.

That is what makes me the free spirited kid I am.


Starting its time it runs..loosing its time it becomes more elegant.

Elegance is it's "Thing"

Stubbornness is its pride. Really.

I and my is often how the sentence may start with a creature so fine, finer than the finest silk...Silkier than the softest liquid.

Just like the silk it runs through my fingers, but never lingers through my palms, yet in my soul.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Can you accept this as true? I truthfully got all that done?
Honestly, I can't.

I've pinched myself to make certain I'm not in a dream,
As far as I can distinguish, I'm not.

I mean, two days ago, I was yank the hair out of my head stressed.

I'm happy-go-lucky.

Oh the enchantment of organization.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

in with the out

Everyday I take in environment,
Everyday I gain a little more inspiration when my feet sink in soil.

When I'm in, I carry out all around me. I fill myself up like I I was meant to be solid. The wind is my freedom, the cold, my night.

I thrive on tolerance and freedom, I embrace it with my being, Leave me here, I'll hum and sing while my drapes brush against the very top of the water, I'll sleep and wake as fresh as the beginning, I'm just as much or more without you.

I can move with the wind.


Gold. Soft and strong.

I don't see my reflection,
yet a soft no-numbered girl.

I have no past, not that I want to look back on anyway.
Not that it is bad.. I'm just, simply not interested.

Why would I be? I have all I need surrounding me.

The blades of grass are more pleasant than silk, to feel the grass connects me to the moon and my heart.

The key is in the stars,
to my left, I haven't found it,
I've felt it.

It holds together my being,though I don't know it,
it knows me. I it knows I love it,
though I question it, it searches me.

Solid as I fill.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Reveal aspirations to me.
possess it and make it a necessity.
Follow me as I dash through the woodland.
Take off your advantage.

You won't fancy them here.

tell my catal how pleasant they are.
Turn cold to heat.
Heat to spring.
Spring to life.


Mr.sun and value I will grant you.

Don't suppose that you will comprehend or nurture this.
or my me.

Halt my companion.

My feet are sinking into the asphalt.
because I am running into lavender laundry detergent.

Over and OVER again.

Bestow your last drops of pink lemonade.
It hurts your throat anyways.
You should go get your ice water.
shouldn't you?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Disregarded feeble... you.

I fell and scraped me knee.
It didn’t ache.

I let the iciness numb my body.
I respected it.

I allowed the wind to chap my face.
It reminds me of poca-freaking-haun-isse

You lied.
I have hysterics. You only gave me adrenalin.

You lay there. pitiful.
Get up, I say.

Weak and fragile.

So, I’m sorry.
I didn’t realize it all.

Just. business

You ran away with my wings.
You carried them on your bareback all the way to the slaughterhouse.
Just like the souls you never accepted as true.

You were certain they couldn't feel.
I’m convinced you can't.


Fill in the blank.

Though it will never be complete.
You are blank.

I don't grasp who you are.
Almost certain your me.
Perhaps not the foundation of it all.
but now..I'm holding you accountable.


Ugly freakin' commerce.
I should stop.
But you gave me my license too.


She said.
jfkjdkajfkdja fjkdja fd ak

I said.

He said.

I said.

She said.
ahfdkajfkdjakjfkdj fkdja fkd.

I said.
Let me tell you this.

I hear.

He hears.
Curse words.

I say.


She says.

And I just now noticed..
It was prolly my bad.