Thursday, November 08, 2007



You say.
Peace out.
Peace dog.

But really.
Whats it mean to ya?

You see it on the boob-tube..
You hear about it.
You read it.
You talk it.
You fake it.
It's sad> deppressing huh?

You have examples.
You were told to try it out.
You know what you think it is.
You love.

You see it on the boob-tube..
Its scary.
It's put on movies..for entertainment?

Love. Peace.
What do they mean now?

Death. Murder.
Does it hurt?

So everything seems fake to you?


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

my mouth said what???

So do you ever have words that just keep coming.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Simplicity is beautiful.

Simplicity is beautiful.

When everything is simple. You can't help but love life.

When everything seems so tiny..

and you are so freakin' not observant at all.

Is livin' it up..

When you are pretty and you could be all..IN YOUR FACE with it..
but instead ... you just don't care.

When you are comfortable..But you don't worry about how you weren't all IN YOUR FACE.
When 45 min. is more than enough in the morning.

When the smell of your morning coffee is enough to make you think, today will be a great freaking day.

When you dream of walking.


I'm happy.
Oh so freakin' happy.
Don't you wish you were as happy as I?

I'm happy. so freakin' happy.
I like to be so happy.

I am so happy.

People wear ugly shoes.

But I am happy.
oh so happy.

I am a happy little child. I am so happy.
Oh so freakin' happy.

That kid is wearing tube socks.

I am so happy. so freakin' happy.

SI am happy.

I like happy.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's there.

Stop. Stop until you feel somthing.

This feeling of anxiety.
I hate it.
It's addiction..

It pulls you in...
It paints purple under your eyes.
Makes falling asleep feel so valuable.

GO, GO, GO. Read til' you feel somthing..
Ha. Ha.

This feeling. This emotional high.


It loves you.
You love it.

It makes things so valuable.
and sleep so cheap.


You see it.
Now you don't.
BUT it's there.

You play games.
Love is sollid.

It loves you.

Because...after is love.

It's that.
Your hand floats a graseful mess over the grass.


You notice that your being shaded by the tree that hangs over your head gracefully.


Every time. EVERY TIME.

yes..I just yelled...

Okay no i didn't.

I need to be positive.

Life's hard right now.

Oh what the heck.
I should suck it up.

I will.

Lets talk.

About what?

About how I'm angry?


Why would we?
That would be silly.

Lets talk about fall.
I love the fall.

Its pretty.

It's good.



today is the first day of November.

a good day so far.

I'm hungry.


I went all October..with no pumpkin pie.


shimooog a jizzims.



Is he mad at me?

He seems ticked?


oh well.

I love fall...

I'm sorry if your reading this.

It's boring.

I'm boring sometimes.

Nah. jk.

I could be.

but I am not.
not to me.

Maybe to you..

Not to me.

I don't really get bored.

Not unless I'm stuck inside a building.

I like the cold.

Do you>?

Jonna doesn’t..
Do you Jonna?

I like winter.
I like coco.

It's time to eat.

I like food.
FOodddd is good.


I want food.


Hot coco.

hot coco is good.

I wish I had someone to drink hot coco with.

I always cry when I drink hot coco...


not always.

Just lately..

I am angry with myself.

I cry to much lately..

I don't take interest in anything..

But I swear to you I think I'm happy.

I am.

Happy that is.

Just I’m gonna miss him.


I'm not happy with people.

Life. I love life.

I am happy with life..

Just not people.

But who gives.

Lately I learned that the people are so not that important to my happiness.

I cry only because of love.

not break.

I love my friends.

I love my family.

People make mistakes.

I don't believe in expectations.

Believe that people do the best in the circumstances they are in.

He's ticked.



I'm not lying.

Its a pinky promise.

love you.