Thursday, April 30, 2009


Do indeed, fear the future.
The nose of a child, held high, not knowing she is being reconciled nor recorded.
The disgust towards a boy who knows not but porn and ignorance.
The genuine girl with no personality and the girl hidden behind the wall of shyness and the fear of judgment.
Take a second-glance; some things don't change with time.
A boy with so much love in his soul you feel it radiate, he crafts custom shivers down your spine. He is goofy to hide the feelings.
A person who does well in the comfort of boredom.
A creative genius often seen from the past.
A little note that makes you roll your eyes. No one cares about security?
Status in the form of school uniforms and private labels.
Gossip spreading through the air making you cringe and the sent of nothingness.
Dehydration, and nick names.

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