Thursday, November 08, 2007



You say.
Peace out.
Peace dog.

But really.
Whats it mean to ya?

You see it on the boob-tube..
You hear about it.
You read it.
You talk it.
You fake it.
It's sad> deppressing huh?

You have examples.
You were told to try it out.
You know what you think it is.
You love.

You see it on the boob-tube..
Its scary.
It's put on movies..for entertainment?

Love. Peace.
What do they mean now?

Death. Murder.
Does it hurt?

So everything seems fake to you?


1 comment:

Just Jonna said...

You blogged again! I hadn't checked it for ages because you quit using it for a while, but then after I teased you about your wierd blog last night, i decided to come back and see if you had anything new. You did!

BTW, this post was very cool. I enjoyed the rhythm of the lines, and it was very thought provoking.