Thursday, November 01, 2007


Every time. EVERY TIME.

yes..I just yelled...

Okay no i didn't.

I need to be positive.

Life's hard right now.

Oh what the heck.
I should suck it up.

I will.

Lets talk.

About what?

About how I'm angry?


Why would we?
That would be silly.

Lets talk about fall.
I love the fall.

Its pretty.

It's good.



today is the first day of November.

a good day so far.

I'm hungry.


I went all October..with no pumpkin pie.


shimooog a jizzims.



Is he mad at me?

He seems ticked?


oh well.

I love fall...

I'm sorry if your reading this.

It's boring.

I'm boring sometimes.

Nah. jk.

I could be.

but I am not.
not to me.

Maybe to you..

Not to me.

I don't really get bored.

Not unless I'm stuck inside a building.

I like the cold.

Do you>?

Jonna doesn’t..
Do you Jonna?

I like winter.
I like coco.

It's time to eat.

I like food.
FOodddd is good.


I want food.


Hot coco.

hot coco is good.

I wish I had someone to drink hot coco with.

I always cry when I drink hot coco...


not always.

Just lately..

I am angry with myself.

I cry to much lately..

I don't take interest in anything..

But I swear to you I think I'm happy.

I am.

Happy that is.

Just I’m gonna miss him.


I'm not happy with people.

Life. I love life.

I am happy with life..

Just not people.

But who gives.

Lately I learned that the people are so not that important to my happiness.

I cry only because of love.

not break.

I love my friends.

I love my family.

People make mistakes.

I don't believe in expectations.

Believe that people do the best in the circumstances they are in.

He's ticked.



I'm not lying.

Its a pinky promise.

love you.

1 comment:

Just Jonna said...

You are most correct. I do NOT like the cold. Unfortunately I always associate cold with gray. Like, muddy, yucky, February, never ending.