Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Treasure map.

It's like finding the pieces to a tresaure map, one piece might be small, and you might still seem out of hope after you recieve it, but then you find this HUGE piece. You know it must be almost half. Your excited. You suddendly have more hope than ever before. You love that one piece the most. It is the most treasurable to you. You love it so much it seems like the treasure itself, but don't get destracted by it. There is still the other parts. The parts that make that one piece so magical. Remember that once you find the rest of the map, that one piece won't be the world to you anymore. Don't forget that once you have found that the map led you to your treasure, the map will only be a memorable piece of paper. Almost like a picture. It won't be your everything anymore. Just like the people now. This family, they had to leave. I'm not a huge piece of there map, but a decent size chunk.. They have to move on to there next piece, as do I. Though they played a giant roll in my map, and I love them dearly, more than the pieces of the map that are nearly invisible to me now, sooner or later, they will just be a big part of a bigger picture. A memory. This is okay, there is no reason to be upset. Sooner or later it will all make since. I'll be sitting with my life treasures and then.. boom... life won't matter anymore. I'll die. I'll leave this earth. All that has happend will be finished for me. I will start a new life, have a new destany, and appriate but not grasp on to who you've been to me.
I love you, but I want you to make the best of yourself. Your doing the right thing, your a HUGE part of my life, and I hope I've helped you half as much as you have directed me to confidence and dreams, the layer of my life at the current time. Thank you for being my favorite part of the map and letting me make a real best friend along the way.

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