Friday, March 28, 2008

wanna trespass?

So it seemed a lot more complex(and maybe it even was) when it hit me, but today I realized... EVERYBODY has there own little world and they have it EVERYWHERE. (yep, I saw it in walmart..everyone feeling different you know??)

My dad was stopped by some old wrinkly people today at walmart..and they exchanged memories and thoughts about many different things, and I noticed...It really brought them back to that place and time...even to events they hadn't actually even witnessed. (of course I was observing this because to me.. these people were just my dads memories in a more wrinkly form maybe..) Every now and then I would dip my feet into there reminiscing pool.. but for the most part.. I just thought. Thought about what was going on..on the surface.

Dipping my feet in everybody's rivers, trying to understand why they were doing what they were doing... Some of the people looked like they had nothing on there minds but the product in hand, while others were involved with the person they were accompanying a bit more. I realized the reason being aware is a good thing when your in a bad mood... That's because everyone has there little town or even big world... but at the same time.. you may walk in there world (or town) sometime... and at the same time they could possibly walk in yours... and who is to say trespassing has to be bad??

If you want to run through someones field you have to know your limits, you have to hide your spray paint and you have to try love.
Jump on the bus?

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Just Jonna said...

this was a really cool perspective, sarah. i like the idea of thinking of it like trespassing when i eavesdrop or have a conversation with someone. i guess you could just call it 'interacting', but this perspective is so much more fun.