Sunday, March 30, 2008

In my life, there's "me" and then there's my shell.

And while the "me" part should be the most important, I gather happiness in my shell before I allow it to get to "me."

My shell holds all the things I have not yet came completely vulnerable to, as well as things that I have been vulnerable to and decided/was-pushed to re-evaluate the objectives of that/those plural noun(s).

My shell is my life. My "me" is my soul.
Though things are turning out for "me"..
My shell is looking ruff.

I know that there are places that have been worn over time in my shell.
Some of those places have let me become vulnerable to things that normally I'd learn to scold at bitterly...

I am learning to deal. "me" is growing. Learning. Shell is suffering and needs to be rebuilt. So now I'll transfer to the outside and look in. Now I will search as I can and learn from plural noun(s). I will be extremely vulnerable, but I must rebuild my shell. I must start over again.

I will still have the past. I will still reminisce, I will build slightly onto what I have learned...But I will toss my old shell. And I will make a new one that is stronger and shelters me more. I will find one that may not shine with natural beauty but can be painted over time to become interchangeable. I will sit in my filth for one more day, and then move on.

My shell is bruised but me???
I'm just dandy.

(I'm not loosing my shell to damage, I'm building a new shell for improvement.)

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Mara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Your writing really speaks to me. I love your word choice and fluency of phrasing. Keep up the great work!