Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Reveal aspirations to me.
possess it and make it a necessity.
Follow me as I dash through the woodland.
Take off your advantage.

You won't fancy them here.

tell my catal how pleasant they are.
Turn cold to heat.
Heat to spring.
Spring to life.


Mr.sun and value I will grant you.

Don't suppose that you will comprehend or nurture this.
or my me.

Halt my companion.

My feet are sinking into the asphalt.
because I am running into lavender laundry detergent.

Over and OVER again.

Bestow your last drops of pink lemonade.
It hurts your throat anyways.
You should go get your ice water.
shouldn't you?

1 comment:

Just Jonna said...

the title makes me want to sing!

mr sun, sun, mr golden sun,
please shine down on meeeeee!
mr sun, sun, mr golden sun,
hiding behind a treeeeeeeee.
These little children are asking you -
please come out so they can play with you -
mr sun, sun, mr golden sun,
please shine down on meeeeeeee!