Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gold. Soft and strong.

I don't see my reflection,
yet a soft no-numbered girl.

I have no past, not that I want to look back on anyway.
Not that it is bad.. I'm just, simply not interested.

Why would I be? I have all I need surrounding me.

The blades of grass are more pleasant than silk, to feel the grass connects me to the moon and my heart.

The key is in the stars,
to my left, I haven't found it,
I've felt it.

It holds together my being,though I don't know it,
it knows me. I it knows I love it,
though I question it, it searches me.

Solid as I fill.


Calantha said...

Thanks for writing this.

Name in progress said...

I was rereading my blog, and I read this comment. It means a lot. Thank you for reading my blog.