Saturday, October 24, 2009


I suppose light is far away, and close. Dignity as well.
We can look at leaves through the window all day and wonder all day why we are only looking at the leaves of trees through the window. We can stare at the fence holding in our pets and wonder if it is really moral. We can stare into the eyes of a broken soul and think that they have the answers; they just won't put them to use. We can set on our asses and write blogs all day about how we think and how others do, but will we ever really... will I ever really, make a difference? Or will I sit behind a screen with a mind using the very essence of idle to talk through a motionless matter? I'm not imagining I'll do anything less or anything more; I am just being like everyone else. I am pointing out the obvious so that I may seem slightly at fault but yet slightly above everything else. Is it working?

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Chris said...

A bit overdue for a new one, no? Your blogs are very highly anticipated!